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International Workshop on Children & Recommender Systems
August 27, 2017
Co-located with ACM Conference on Recommender Systems (RECSYS) 2017 - Como, Italy

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Recommender systems (RS) for children are only recently beginning to be studied and are primarily limited to recommenders in education-related environments. When focused on this particular audience, the role of a recommendation system needs to be reformulated, as it is not sufficient for recommenders to identify items that match users’ preferences and interests. Instead, it is imperative that they also explicitly consider children’s needs from multiple perspectives: educational, developmental, and engagement, to name a few. Considering these particular needs opens a rich set of questions to answer:

  • What are the benefits of child-specific recommendations?
  • What role does personal history, age, developmental stage, or even curricular standards have in RS for children?
  • What are the goals of RS for children: persuade, educate, guide, and support their well-being, or something else entirely?
  • What are the ethical or privacy challenges associated with this type of recommendation? What are the domains in which recommendations make sense for children? Are they the same as for adults?
  • How should we model personalization given that traditional mechanisms of explicit feedback, writing reviews, and purchasing items (directly) do not match this particular population whose literacy levels are growing and who generally do not directly have the ability to purchase items?
  • Are their specifics concern, from the point of view of developing technology that should be considered? In addition, the interests and needs of this population is rapidly evolving, as they are still refining their interests as they get to know new things, and enhance their educational context.

The goal of this interactive workshop is to share and discuss research and projects that reach beyond classic recommender techniques and discuss child related challenges of recommender systems. We invite submissions related to recommender systems for children including topics on:

  • Technology for children
  • Recommender algorithms for children
  • Recommendation explanations, transparency,
  • Expert-in-the-Loop (e.g., teacher, parent)
  • Child-centered content domains (e.g., leisure, education)
  • User Profiling
  • Personalization
  • Gamification
  • Ethics
  • Privacy

Important Dates

Paper submission deadline (extended) July 5, 2017
Notification to authors July 13, 2017
Camera-Ready Version July 27, 2017
KidRec Workshop, RecSys Conference August 27, 2017


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Jerry Alan Fails
Boise State University

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Maria Soledad Pera
Boise State University

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Franca Garzotto
Polytechnic University of Milan

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Mirko Gelsomini
Polytechnic University of Milan


We invite short papers (4 pages) discussing novel work in progress and position papers (2 pages) focusing on open challenges in promising research directions as well as speculative or innovative work in progress, both in the ACM conference paper style.

All submitted papers must:

Authors will retain the copyright of their submission, however, proceedings will be publicly posted or via Scholarworks. We are also working on coordinating a special issue in a journal where accepted authors will be invited to submit an extension of their work for publication.

Accepted Papers


  • 14:00-14:10: Welcome
  • 14:10-14:30: Break the Ice
  • 14:30-15:30: Share Research & Identify Problem Areas
  • 15:30-16:00: Break for Coffee
  • 16:00-16:15: Debrief Problem Areas
  • 16:15-17:00: Build the Community
  • 17:00-17:30: Agree on Directions for Future Work